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Creativity is one of the most sought after skills in the 21st century workplace. Now more than ever teams have to stay creative, collaborative and agile. Our Creativity Workshops are designed to provide teams with tangible, hands-on creativity exercises that are specially designed to ignite creative thinking. 

Delivered through video conference, these highly interactive sessions allow your team to create together from anywhere in the world.


Through a series of expertly facilitated and fun creative exercises, you and your colleagues will come to better understand your individual and collaborative creativity skills, as well as tap into the powerful wellness benefits of art. 

Creativity & Wellness

Led by expert facilitators trained in art therapy, this workshop will lead your team through a guided visual meditation. Your team will experience the healing and reflective power of art as they work to create one of the oldest forms of visual meditation- the mandala.

Creativity & Innovation

Led by our expert facilitators, this course will lead your team through a series of short creativity activation challenges, aimed at tapping into the creative side of the brain. Your team will leave with actionable tools they can use in order to drive innovation and out of the box thinking at their next meeting and beyond.

Workshop Details

Duration: 60 minutes

Materials: Pen, Paper, Colouring Materials (optional)

Workshop is offered ONLINE 


Workshop Structure

10 mins Icebreakers & Intro 

30 mins The art of the mandala hands-on activity

10 mins   Share/ Collaborate

10 mins   Conclusion and actionable takeaways


What You Get

30 minute pre-workshop consultation

60 minute workshop facilitation (1 facilitator per 25 participants)

Post-workshop insights

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Marianne B.

The Creativity Workshop was a simple, easy way to take a much needed break from the daily grind. Fun, social and relaxing!

Rachel M. 

I found this experience very enriching and will definitely recommend it to many of my friends and colleagues!

Mark G. 

Great workshop. I don't have a creative bone in my body and usually shy away from wellness workshops, but the no pressure approach and tips made it a relaxing experience.

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