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Imagine having your own art gallery at work! We provide a unique service that connects local businesses with local artists. By hosting an artist you are supporting our local art community and helping keep your team inspired. 

What you get: 

  • An in-person consultation with one of our curators. We learn about your business and identify the perfect space for your pop-up art gallery.

  • A professionally installed, temporary art exhibition for 3 months

  • An artist talk with your sponsored artist where you and your team can learn about their practice



JTDC Consulting

Artichoke Art brought our office walls to life!  Diliana and her team used their expertise to execute on our overall vision quickly and efficiently.  Our corporate space has transformed into a compelling space for collaboration, and the art continues to be a conversation piece for employees, clients and guests.  We’re happy to have found a way to elevate our office culture and support local artists – it’s a true win-win!


Chief of Staff


It is a pleasure to work with Artichoke Art to foster creativity and culture through the beautiful artwork that they have provided for our offices in Toronto. Indeed, Artichoke Art is working hard with us to make sure that the art is aligned with our mission to make teaching fun and effective by connecting the organization to recent grad and student artists. We always look forward to the next installation, helping us make sure that our office inspires our employees and visitors. 


Programs Lead


Artichoke Art’s installation is an example of one of those silent forces that makes our environment more human and livable. Our installation covers a well-travelled corridor and is a gentle reminder of life outside a founder’s core hustle and a reminder to seek purpose and balance. I can’t imagine our walls without the artwork now. They’re a part of our space, just like our gritty founders. 

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