Get to Know Me
and My Philosophy


Diliana Popova

Art Educator. Artist. Designer.

Hi! I'm Diliana and I am the creative force behind Artichoke Art. As an art educator and long time creative I know first hand that we are all wired for creativity. Unfortunately, we tend to lose this natural skill as we age. My passion lies in helping everyone from intern to CEO tap into their creative genius.

In the years I spent in education I noticed that creativity was often pushed aside as a valuable skill. Our educational system was designed in the 19th century to serve the needs of that time. In the 21st century, creativity is one of the most sought after skills in the workplace and in life. Unfortunately, most of us have lost touch with our natural ability. I founded Artichoke Art in order to help teams rediscover their inner creative genius. 


Everyone is Creative

Have you ever noticed that all kids are natural creative machines? Watching my daughter interact with creativity has been eye opening for me. We all start off with this natural inclination to create- in fact we as humans made art before we codified language. 

Studies show that most children actually fall into the genius range when tested for creativity, but less than 10% of adults do. Why? From my experience it comes down to practice and a lot of ingrained beliefs about what creativity is. 

I strongly believe that creativity is a muscle; and like every muscle the more we use it the stronger it gets. 

I believe that everyone has a capacity for deep creativity and innovation- most of us are just lacking the skills to approach it and the practice it requires to flourish. 

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