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Hi! I'm Diliana and I am the creative force behind Artichoke Art. As an art educator and long time creative I know first hand that we are all wired for creativity. Unfortunately, we tend to lose this natural skill as we age. My passion lies in helping everyone from intern to CEO tap into their creative genius.


Tap Into Your

Creative Resources

Great ideas can come from anywhere in your organization. Engaging your team creatively can spark connections, drive innovation and boost productivity. 


It's time to think outside the box


Creativity Activation Workshops

Virtual & In Person

Creativity for Wellness

Art can be a powerful wellness tool. Led by our expert art therapists, this workshop helps teams explore mediation practices through hands-on art practices. 

Creativity for Innovation

Innovation is one of the most sought after skills of the 21st century. This workshop helps teams tap into their creative genius through science-backed creativity activation exercises. 

Creativity is Good for Business

What the experts are saying

“The future of human work is immagination, creativity and streategy”

“Creativity is the most in-demand skill for 2020”

“As the workforce transforms, creativity must take priority”

Creativity Activation Cards™

Our set of creativity cards help keep the creative juices flowing at home. They are science-backed and designed by artists.


Support Local Art & Culture

We believe supporting local artists is important! 

That's why we developed our corporate sponsorship program. We curate and install temporary art exhibits at work.

We help companies do good and look good!​

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